Careers at Macro

Freedom. Impact. Community.

We're building a free and open productivity suite that brings together design, AI, and a modern stack. Our goal is build the best document apps that will touch the lives of billions of people.

Our Vision and Product

Over three billion people use office software that is closed source, mediocre, and clunky. The latent human suffering and waste created by these 1990s and 2000s era tools is immense. As engineers, we’ve understood that the status quo of dealing with documents is like trying to write code in a vanilla text editor instead of an IDE. We believe re-inventing these core tools is the most important software problem to work on in 2023. Join us in our quest to break a $60 billion duopoly, work on the hardest technology problems, and build a product that touches billions; from individuals across the world to the world’s largest companies, many of which are already our customers.

The Company

We are a New York based startup backed by some of the top venture capital firms in the US. We fully support working remotely. We are super excited to build out a team of passionate, creative, and caring people who want to change the world. If you resonate with all of this, let's talk!

Work and Learn with the Best

We've assembled a close-knit, incredibly talented team. We want our early employees to contribute to our vibrant culture and grow with us.

Unlimited Paid Time Off

We strive to optimize for the long term success, health, and happiness of every employee, and that means taking time off whenever you need it.

Company Offsites

At least twice a year, we plan week-long company retreats, fully paid for by us. As things open up, we're excited to explore more places around the world together!

Freedom to Work How You Want

We encourage you to work in whatever way makes you the most productive and happy, which might mean remotely. If you're excited to work in person, we have a beautiful office in SoHo.