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How to delete PDF pages on Mac: fast and free

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Avatar of author Fred Melanson

Fred Melanson

Published: Thu Sep 14 2023

Learning how to delete PDF pages on Mac isn’t rocket science – all you need to do is select a page and press delete. But the software you use to remove PDF pages matters.

When it comes to handling PDFs, Mac’s default preview app doesn’t offer much.

In this article, I will tell you the best way to delete PDF pages on a Mac using a free downloadable tool – Macro.

How do you remove PDF pages on Mac?

Imagine a lawyer preparing a contract for a sales contract.

The PDF file that the lawyer is working on contains various clauses spread across multiple pages.

After an external review, the prospect’s legal team decides that one of the clauses is no longer applicable. That's when reorganizing and removing PDF pages features come in handy from your PDF editor software.

Macro is the all-in-one PDF editor that we recommend to delete pages in a single click.

Here’s a video showing Macro’s page-removing feature in action 👇

Not a big fan of videos? Below is a step-by-step guide on removing PDF pages on Mac with Macro.

Step 1. Leverage Macro’s Organize feature

Once you’ve downloaded, opened, and signed in to Macro , the home page will look like this. 👇

On the left menu bar, we have:

  • Home icon to open and edit a PDF or DOCX file
  • Word Editor to edit or annotate DOCX content
  • Automate icon to automate recurring PDF-related tasks
  • Compare icon to consolidate edits on two or more PDFs
  • Organize option to rearrange, reorder, or delete PDF pages ( this is the feature we will use )
  • Signature icon to e-sign documents yourself or request signatures using third-party integrations

To start deleting pages, click on the Organize button.

Step 2. Upload PDF on Macro

Click on the ‘+’ icon to upload a PDF file.

Select the file from your device and click Open to upload it in Macro.

Once done, Macro will open your PDF. It looks like this 👇

👀 Note: You can adjust the number of pages in each row by zooming in and out using the horizontal scroll bar (on top).

Step 3. Deleting pages from PDF

Select any page and click on the three dots at the top right corner. Alternatively, right-click on the page.

Here, you’ll find options to compress, rotate, delete, and export PDF pages. Click Delete to remove pages from your PDF.

👀Note: Want to delete multiple pages at once? Command-click to select multiple pages or Shift-click to select a range and delete them, as explained above.

And that’s it. Isn’t that easy?

Read and edit documents faster with Macro

Deleting PDF pages with Macro is quick and easy. You can also delete PDF pages on Mac with its default preview app.

So, “why should you download Macro to do it?” you might ask.

Macro doesn't just let you delete pages from PDFs; it's an all-in-one PDF and Word document editor with a sleek, modern interface.

If you deal with PDFs regularly, I bet you do more than delete pages.

Here are some of Macro’s key features:

Key Feature #1. Organize PDFs

Organizing PDFs assists in:

  • Streamlining access to critical documents
  • Meeting legal and industrial standards
  • Reorganizing, merging or splitting PDFs

With Macro, you can:

➡️ Rearrange pages by simply dragging and dropping them across PDFs.

➡️ Rotate PDF pages individually.

➡️ Export pages to a new PDF or already existing PDF.

Key Feature #2. Edit PDFs

Editing PDFs has never been easier. Macro lets you add text, shapes, images, and more to your PDFs. 👇

  • Add page numbers to improve navigation
  • Draw or type your e-signature in Macro and sign documents with ease
  • Watermark PDFs to claim ownership
  • Add headers and footers
  • Redact content to protect sensitive information
  • Leave comments in the document for your team to know what you think
  • Bookmark important pages to refer to them later
  • Perform optical character recognition (OCR) on a document to help you copy text from non-readable documents

Key Feature #3. Macro’s AI copilot

Macro's AI copilot can spot errors in PDFs and suggest the right course of action. This feature is useful when multiple people work on the same document, which increases the risk of errors.

But error detection is just one of the many features that AI copilot performs.

It can:

  • Summarize documents
  • Look up internal documents
  • Answer PDF-related questions
  • Auto-complete paragraphs
  • Rewrite sections

Download the free-to-use Macro app to delete PDF pages with just a click and do much more.

Avatar of author Fred Melanson

Fred Melanson

Fred leads Growth at Macro. He is a passionate generalist in the Product-Led GTM space, with experience in content creation, marketing strategy & sales. His LinkedIn has over 1M views yearly, and his Vlogs generate hundreds of thousands of views. His favorite thing in the world is walking with his dog, Lola 🐶
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